In memory of...

Madeline Hillary Wheals

Date of Birth 9 November 2016
Date of Death 9 November 2016

To my darling Madeline,

As soon as I knew I was pregnant with you, I was in love with you. Then, half way through my pregnancy, I got sick. The Doctors were talking about letting you go to save my life. We couldn't do it, baby girl. I stroked my belly and said I will fight if you will fight with me. And fight you did, precious girl - we both fought to the very end. You made the decision for us, my darling Madeline - as you knew your Mummy and Daddy couldn't - you came by yourself, and you saved my life. You will always be my fighter, my hero.

The last time I held you, I made a promise to you. That even though I feel all these horrible, destructive emotions - grief, guilt, overwhelming sadness - that I will remember you with one emotion only. Love. That I will remember you with love.

Rest in peace with your beautiful big sister Kate.

With all my love, from the bottom of my heart & soul, Mummy x <3