In memory of...

Amora Sandy Latham

Date of Birth 04/04/2015

I remember telling dad that I was pregnant with you, he cried. We were so happy!

I remember telling your big brother, he was beaming with joy and couldn't wait to tell all your cousins.

I remember finding out you were a girl and dad and I were so excited to meet you, we discussed names for weeks!

I remember seeing you at our second last scan and you smiled and gave a thumbs up to your big bro. He told everyone about his super smart sister.

I remember finishing your room but your brother thought it needed one more thing so he drew a beautiful sunflower to put on the wall.

I remember being a few days from your due date and going for a long walk with Nanna and talking about all the names, we were thinking of using your Great Aunts name.

I remember learning that you had passed and being in absolute shock.

I remember meeting you, holding you, kissing you and being so in love with you.

You are my favourite memory and I will always be grateful for having known you.