In memory of...

Annabelle Catalina So

Date of Birth 10 August 2012
Date of Death 10 August 2012

On the 10th of August 2012, we lost our baby girl, Annabelle. For me, there are no words to describe such a loss. A tragic loss that means a parent must say goodbye to their child.

Although, her presence in our life, seems only a brief moment in time, we have memories of Annabelle that will last a lifetime. Annabelle has touched our hearts forever.

From the day we knew she was in our lives, maybe even before that, we had so many hopes and dreams for Annabelle. I guess from the day we knew she’d become part of our life, those hopes and dreams became plans and closer to reality.

Only a week before our baby girl was born, we had a conversation about her career with our family. Her Auntie wanted her to be a ballerina and her Uncle, a basketball player.

The 10th of August 2012 gave us such joy and sadness, all at the same time. Joy as we became first time parents and sorrow that we could not take her home and at this time, fulfill that role in an every day kind of way.

To see our baby girl, Annabelle Catalina with facial features from the family, we knew she was ours. She had her Grandmother’s eyebrows and her Great Grandmother’s nose (kind of wink )…

We held Annabelle in our arms, she was beautiful and perfect in every way. When her Dad held her, she felt long and tall. Our midwife told us that she would have been taller than her Mum and Dad. So, I guess, she would have had the potential to be good at basketball, or she would have been, a tall ballerina…

Annabelle was but, just a moment in our arms...She will spend a lifetime in our hearts.