In memory of...

Summer Emerald Rose Jamsek

Date of Birth 4th April 2010
Date of Death 5th April 2010

Summer Emerald Rose Jamsek
4th April 2010 - 5th April 2010

Happy 10th birthday our beautiful Summer!

10 years old, your such a big girl now,
but still feels like yesterday when you were born and I was holding you in my arms and kissing you.

Look after Princess Bella and have fun playing with her.

Mummy is making you a unicorn cake and will send a butterfly to Heaven, for you to play with.

Mummy, Sienna and Spencer kiss you every night, you are and will always be a part of the 4S’s.

Play with the Angels and Mummy will be with you again one day.

Love Mummy, Sienna and Spencer xxxx
Together we are the 4S's