In memory of...

Callie Anne Hazell-McGuire

Date of Birth 12.09.19
Date of Death 10.09.19

Finding out I was pregnant was the happiest day of my life! The Joy you brought was endless. After 34 weeks of amazing memories it all came to an end..
I remember going into the hospital with you father. I hadn’t seen him in a while but he made sure he was there just for you! Walking up into our room, your room, the only room you’ll ever get to have, we both felt lost.

We got induced and we waited…

After 12 hours in the hospital you had finally arrived. Not a single noise made but the love in the room could be heard for miles. Not 20 minutes later you had your WHOLE family in your room saying their long waited hellos and there never thought of goodbyes.

You were the light of our lives that was taken too soon, but you have enough love to last you forever. I wish I could kiss your head just once more.

Callie Anne Hazel-McGuire, you are our Angel and will forever be my first baby Girl