In memory of...

Summer Emerald Rose Jamsek

Date of Birth 4th April 2010
Date of Death 5th April 2010

Summer Emerald Rose Jamsek

4th April 2010 - 5th April 2010

WOW! 13 and a teenager, so grown up, my beautiful baby.

Mums made a big girl, makeup cake! With Chanel Chance perfume on top, and lots of lipstick and eyeshadows.

4th April, at 4.01pm look for your butterfly we will send to Heaven for you, as we do every year, for you to play with.

Sienna and Spencer say Happy Birthday big sister, we wish you were here.

Play with the Angels and Mummy will be with you again one day.

Love always, 3 of our 4S’s xxxx
Mum, Sienna & Spencer xxxx