In memory of...

Danica Roos

Baby Danica,

It's been two weeks since you were taken from mums body. You were safely sleeping for weeks and Mums body didn't want you to leave. We weren't ready were we?

I'm sorry Mum was not strong enough to have you bought in the world in a nicer way. Mum was broken. Mum is broken. I hope you are peaceful where you are. Mum had so many plans for you and our family. We will never forget you our morning star. Till we meet in another time and place ✨️

Please guide your cousin safely to this earth. You two were supposed to be due the same day. Aunty and Mum were so excited to bring you up like little twins. Give them strength and love to get through this safely baby girl. I know when I meet her I'll meet a peice of you too