In memory of...

Summer Emerald Rose Jamsek

Date of Birth 4th April 2010
Date of Death 5th April 2010

Summer Emerald Rose Jamsek

4th April 2010 - 5th April 2010

Happy 14th Birthday, a young lady, but always Mum’s baby.

This year mum’s making you a Shiny butterfly Cake with love ❤️

4th April, at 4.01pm we will send a beautiful butterfly to Heaven for you to play with, as we do every year.

Every year that passes we still long for you to be with us. An eldest daughter for me, a best friend to your sister Sienna and a role model for your brother, Spencer.

Play with the Angels and Mummy will be with you again one day.

Love always, 3 of our 4S’s xxxx Mum, Sienna & Spencer xxxx