A Life Too Short

With the birth of my first child,
A beautiful baby boy,
It was said that the gods had smiled,
My life now filled with joy.

A life that was so innocent,
A soul that was so pure,
An unconditional love,
Was ready to endure.

A life time of memories,
Were about to start,
Now all that is left,
An empty and crushed heart.

When my baby died,
My whole world fell apart,
For a long time I cried,
Emptiness still fills my heart.

I’ll never hear him laugh,
I’ll never see him walk,
I’ll never see him smile,
I’ll never hear him talk.

Two unanswerable questions remain,
What if ? And Why ?
What if I had done this ?
Why did he die ?

Sorrow and emptiness,
In my heart I now keep,
With no end in sight,
The pain is still too deep.

Time is said to heal the pain,
How much time is yet to be seen,
My baby boy who I cannot hold,
I’ll forever wonder what could have been.

Forever in my thoughts,
Forever in my heart,
Till we meet again,
Never again will we be apart.

In Loving Memory Of My Son
Corey William Anthony
26th April 1990 - 9th August 1990
Aged 15 Weeks
Happy 21st Birthday Son..
Love Dad

Written 26th April 2011