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Visitors to this website are advised that some articles and videos on this site may contain confronting images and content. Should these cause any distress, please contact 1300 308 307 for support.


Telling It Over Again

In each re-telling there comes a little bit of healing, a little more acceptance of the reality of our loss. In each re-telling there comes another acknowledgement, of the uniqueness of the ...


On Being a Companion

Companioning is about honouring the spirit; It is not about focusing on the intellect. Companioning is about curiosity; It is not about expertise. Companioning is about learning from others; It is ...

A Life Too Short

With the birth of my first child, A beautiful baby boy, It was said that the gods had smiled, My life now filled with joy. A life that was so innocent, A soul that was so pure, An unconditional ...