This website has been developed for anyone who has experienced the death of a child or baby, from any cause, to have a safe and encouraging space to share their experiences, information, and to mutually support and help others.

These Guidelines and Terms of Submission are in addition to the Red Nose Grief and Loss Website Terms and Conditions.


We ask that members understand and abide by the following guidelines:

You need to

  • Be 16 years and over and living in Australia
  • Maintain the welcoming and supportive nature of the forum
  • Be aware of the potential impact on others when sharing helpful content
    • Refrain from adding graphic or specific details that may act as a ‘trigger’ for others
  • Avoid content that could be considered:
    • Defamatory
    • Obscene or offensive
    • Inciting hatred or viewed as discriminatory
    • Malicious, hostile or personally attacking
    • Commercial in nature (e.g. yours or other people’s)
    • Professional advice (e.g. legal, medical or financial)
    • Contravention of any laws
  • Report any inappropriate content (and include the URL of that post in your report)
  • Obtain the approval of Red Nose Grief and Loss for any research projects wishing to post requests or advertisements for participants

By submitting a personal story or post through Red Nose Grief and Loss’ website form, you consent to its publication on the website. Red Nose Grief and Loss will view and moderate each submission prior to uploading onto the website and reserves the right to edit or delete submissions that it, in its sole discretion, are deemed to be abusive, obscene, or are otherwise inappropriate. We reserve the right to modify or edit stories that are too long.

You will be advised by email if we are unable to publish your story, or if a post has to be edited or removed from the forums because it breaches our community rules.

If any material you submit raises concerns about your safety or the safety of others, we may try to contact you to make sure that you or others are safe. We may also need to pass your contact details on to authorities who can help protect your safety or the safety of others in line with red Nose Grief and Loss Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (for example, to the police or a mental health crisis service).

Feedback on these guidelines and/or the website is welcome via email or call 1300 308 307

This is a peer-to-peer support service and if a post raises concerns of a member in crisis or immediate danger, contact emergency services (000) or Lifeline (13 11 14) immediately.

Moderator’s Responsibilities

To ensure the forum’s guidelines are upheld, the Red Nose Grief and Loss moderator may:

  • Reject or remove the post
  • Contact the member via email to advise how the post contravenes the guidelines
  • Request the member rectifies the issue with suggestions on how this can be accomplished
  • Block the member if this action is deemed necessary for the safety or wellbeing of other members


The opinions/advice expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect those of the owner, Red Nose Grief and Loss – or any other staff member.

Any information provided on this site should not be substituted for any professional advice that may have been received.

Information on all the bereavement support services that we provide is available on the Red Nose Grief and Loss website, or by contacting Red Nose Grief and Loss – 1300 308 307.