Walk to Remember: Remembering Brent


In 1996 Debbie’s son Brent was stillborn at 28 week’s gestation. Three generations of Debbie’s family attend the Brisbane Walk to Remember each year. She shares with us why it is so important to her and her family.

Since the stillborn of Brent I have had more children. Brent’s younger sisters are Dannielle, Alyssa and Jade. He also has a stepfather Kerrin, and 2 stepsisters Jaymee and Emily. Dannielle now has 2 sons Darcy (5) and Archie (2) and they know that Uncle Brent is watching over them.

Debbie says about the walk

It’s important to keep my son’s memory alive and say his name. It’s about coming together as a community, supporting each other, making new friends with people who have experienced the same loss.

We were incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to walk in front of the other families attending one year and to hold the banner.

Taking the steps my son couldn’t and now his nephews are also walking for him brings me comfort. It is important to spread the word, so having people going about their daily lives and possibly reading the banner, gives them an opportunity to learn more about the Walks. They may even be prompted to tell a friend or to even just learn something they didn’t know about.

For other families experiencing loss, Debbie shares her own advice with us.

1. It was never for a reason!

2. Don’t hold it in, it’s ok to cry

3. It doesn’t get easier, you just learn to cope a little better every year

You will come out the other side, you will find meaning, but it will take time and support.

- Debbie, Brent’s mother

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