The Treasured Babies Program

When a baby dies there is often little warning, leaving parents in shock and unable to organise clothing and other items for their baby. Having ready access to appropriately-sized baby clothing, supplied by the Treasured Babies program, can reduce some of the stress for parents at a time that is already very difficult. They are then able to spend as many cherished moments with their baby as possible.

We have patterns for beautiful items that families can keep as mementos or dress their baby in. Please ensure you follow the patterns carefully to ensure the items are fit for purpose.

Being able to give newly bereaved parents the opportunity to choose what their baby wears can be empowering to the parents at a time when they have very little control over their situation.

The Treasured Babies Program aims to acknowledge and honour the life of newborn babies who have died, regardless of their gestational age and to support bereaved parents in a practical and tangible way.

Last reviewed: 28/6/22