You Cannot “Fix” Their Grief, But You Can Help


No-one can take away the pain and sadness, but knowing that people care, is comforting and healing.

You cannot “fix it”, but you can help:

  1. By offering to be there
  2. By listening and accepting strong emotions
  3. By being patient and allowing silences
  4. By showing that you care
  5. By offering practical support
  6. By not saying “I know” or “I understand” unless you really do
  7. By avoiding platitudes – “It’s God’s will”, etc.
  8. By not taking anger personally
  9. By encouraging people to make their own decisions, and helping them to find information
  10. By taking care of yourself – knowing your limits

Don’t underestimate the value of ordinary human kindness.

Last reviewed: 21/7/24